Look, let me begin by saying that I think that abortion is a complicated issue. I think there are a lot of different values that people have that get factored into your feelings about it – your upbringing, your religion, those are the only two I’m really coming up with right now, but okay. And I feel like it’s a subject that, well, I’d prefer never to broach, ever, because I think there are far better qualified people who can discuss it.

But this card? This card just seems inappropriate. At least, to me, it does, because I do think there’s a time and a place to raise those issues. That time really isn’t when people just want to buy some drugstore chocolates. I also think there’s something inappropriate about the fact that they’ve taken a holiday and used it as an excuse to push their political agenda. Especially a holiday I have a soft spot for.

Furthermore, I find anything cartoonish about abortion a little offensive to begin with because it is a serious issue. I don’t think we benefit by trying to make it cutesy. In a way, I have more respect for the people who hold up aborted baby placards (no, I don’t agree with those people, no, I’m not endorsing that) because they at least seem to realize that abortion isn’t all pink and heart shaped. It’s serious. And it’s serious to an extent that I think broaching it with this format (which I frankly think trivializes it) and at this time is distasteful.

But, as always, I might be wrong. What do you think?