When my parents saw me for the first time, their first words were, “really?” They were quite confused that they had just given birth to a red- headed child. Actually, I didn’t have red hair at the time. It was more of a peach- colored fuzz. The doctors predicted that my hair would lose it’s red color and turn into brown as I got older, but they were very wrong (I thought doctors were supposed to be smart). To this day, my family still questions the origins of my hair color.

I’m not a strawberry blonde. My hair is super red. Basically as red as red hair can get (if you can’t already tell by my picture). As a child, I hated it. My mother would never dress me in pink or red and I fell victim to many jokes. Some days, all I want to do is buy a box of brown hair dye, but then my thoughts subside and I think about how much I love my red hair.

Just the other day, I passed a store and all of the mannequins had red wigs on. I was very flattered. Later, I passed a five- year- old boy with red hair who excitedly shouted to his parents, “Hey! That girl has red hair too!” It was an adorable moment and it made me think: Wow, having red hair is pretty special. Maybe I’m being a tad sentimental, but when you have something that only 2% of the population has (naturally), it’s nice to find someone who shares it with you.

So I ask you, beautiful Gloss Readers, what makes you unique?