Toddler Takes 677 selfies via Katie Kirk YouTube

If you’ve ever had your phone become the plaything of a little kid you probably know what it feels like to boot it up and discover that the way they left it is probably not the the way you gave it to them. If you’re Katie Kirk, the proud mom of a three-year-old known as “G”, you’ll go through your phone and find that there are some new additions to it.


Katie let her adorable daughter G play with her camera phone one day and discovered that while she wasn’t looking, the toddler had been busy snapping hundreds of selfies. G’s pictures are probably what you’d expect from someone whose favorite show is Baby Einstein. Many of the them show G at home or in the car serving us a Miley Cyrus expression while she chills in her carseat.

What’s remarkable about the whole thing is the sheer number of selfies that G took. The little photography aficionado managed to snap 677 pictures of herself on her mother’s camera phone. No that’s not a typo. G took enough selfies for her mom to make a YouTube video that was over a minute long. I’m also pretty sure that she also took enough pictures to put Kim Kardashian’s daily personal best selfie count to shame. Jezebel pointed out that G produced more photos of her face than #belfie queen Jen Seltzer or social media favorite Mr. Pimpgoodgame have ever posted to their Instagram accounts.

I don’t know about you guys but while G might have felt like she needed 677 takes to get the perfect photo I think she landed the money shot somewhere around what must have been selfie #140 when she gave us the best stinkface of all time.

Photos via YouTube