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Comedy Central

Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” skit, in which our beloved host sits between two ferns and interviews people, recently made its debut on Comedy Central in a half-hour special. Among those interviewed by the rotund and self-effacing comedian was Tina Fey, and, true to form, Fey took the opportunity to school Galifianakis on the ways in which his program is bullshit, and also, the ways in which he has it easier as a man in comedy.

“If you were a woman in comedy, with your same body, the gag that you would play is that Kevin James would open the door to go on a date with you and he would throw up,” she says.

Now, chances are pretty good that this was all scripted. But still. We like the direction it’s going. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.