Do you know about Seven Minutes In Heaven? It’s a weird little web show hosted by a weird little dude named Mike O’Brien in which he talks, acts out scenes, and attempts to make out with, various famous and funny people.

Do you know about Tina Fey? She’s a popular comedic writer/actor beloved by many for her unabashed feminism and biting wit, although she certainly isn’t perfect and has a long way to go with regards to sex workers. (As both a Tina Fey fan and someone who occasionally takes my clothes of for money, I keep on telling myself that she will get there eventually.)

Anyway, those two things collided this week with the release of a Tina Fey-centric episode of the show. In it, Tina does a one second Sarah Palin impression, talks about making out with John Goodman, and does a truly hilarious bit where she re-imagines Liz Lemon as a character on Breaking Bad. Tina and Mike also do some great acting (the set-up: couple that spends 90% of their time texting other people, 10% of their time being dramatic with each other) and discuss which Cosby they would each get naked in front of. It’s definitely worth a watch for any Tina Fey fans who can’t wait until she hosts the Golden Globes to view a bit of Fey-style absurdity.

(Via Jezebel)