Assuming this is real, it is awful. In a fit of anger at the low-paid workers of the world, some horrid Tea Party person decided to protest increased taxes on the rich by taking it out on the innocent, probably un-rich person who’d just waited on him. (For convenience’s sake, let’s say it was a man who did this.)

According to author Michael Kindt, said note was left “in lieu of a tip” at a restaurant, where I’m guessing he discovered it and took this photo. (I have sent a message to Mr. Kindt asking how he came upon it.) Did the server spit in this dude’s eye? Dump a drink in his lap? Mock his outfit? Not that we know of. He simply found himself so put upon by Proposition 30 (a California measure) and Obama’s attempts at raising taxes on the wealthy in general that he can no longer afford “discretionary spending and gratuities.” (He can still afford to eat at restaurants, apparently.) His point made, the “job creator” then disappeared back to his puppy meat sweatshop with a twirl of his mustache and a flash of his monocle.

Whether or not you agree that the wealthy should pay higher taxes (people earning above $250,000/year are the only ones significantly affected by California’s Proposition 30), I think we can all agree that this is one of the worst ways one could possibly express that. While I agree that tipping is a terrible way to pay the servers of the world, as it leaves them to the whims of clientele and forces customers to subsidize wages that the boss should be paying workers already, it is just a fact of life. It’s not something you do to be nice, or because you feel like it. It’s something you do because, barring willfully horrendous treatment, if you don’t do it, you’re an asshole. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. Unfair? Maybe. True? Yes.

This gets even worse when you realize this douchenozzle almost definitely paid good money to have these cards printed up. Plus, if someone makes over $250,000/year and can’t afford to tip servers…I’m not even going to finish that thought, because that is not a real thing.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photo: Michael Kindt