Look, this chart is just depressing.

You know, sometimes I think The Newsroom is right. Not about people with short hair not being able to chew gum without getting it in their hair, or news anchors (with the possible exception of Ted Baxter) being unable to put on pants, or news producers only being able to do math on their fingers. So, not about a good half of the things they show in The Newsroom. But in terms of needing to ask elected representatives tougher questions before we elect them – well, okay, yes. That. That they might be right about. For instance, in the future, we should make sure that everyone on the Congressional Science Committee thinks that global warming is not caused by witchcraft, a uterus, and magic.

I think we probably need to do something. We probably need to start researching people more before we elect them, and not just electing them because they’re in our political party, or they have a cool name. We need to start paying more attention to the outlandish things they say. We need to make sure we’re voting for the best and brightest to speak for us. And journalists need to be holding these people accountable.

I mean, other journalists. I run a fashion and beauty website that makes a lot of jokes about Karl Lagerfeld. But someone, okay? Someone needs to do this.