Learn to love it, because it's coming.

Learn to love it, because it’s coming.

With 2012 coming to an end, it’s time to face the fact that next in line is 2013. For some this is a scary thought; for others 2013 isn’t going to happen because the Mayans have declared it so.

Why so scary? Well, not just because time in general is scary and moves at a rate we can’t stop and we get older with each day until we die (how’s that for morbid?), but because there are people who suffer from an intense fear of the number 13. And when I say intense, I’m talking beyond superstitious type fear of just avoiding the number 13, but full-on dread. Dread, I tell you!

The name for this fear (and if you can pronounce it, then Internet high-five to you), is Triskaidekaphobia. More than mouthful, isn’t it? Of course, as with most phobias, you can’t take a pill to get over it, all you can do is accept what’s fact and maybe double up on your therapy sessions, or triple-up, or maybe go for 13 sessions a week to really get this 13 under your skin. Like I said, it’s coming, you can’t run from it, and no amount of hoping the world is going to end on December 21 — as the Mayan calendar suggests — can change that. Sorry, you guys, but that’s just fact.

So who out there suffers from Triskaidekaphobia, and how are you dealing with it? Do we need to Internet hug and coddle you?


Photo: CampBlood