Recognize this scene? Yes, it’s a scene from “True Blood,” everyone at The Gloss’ all-time favorite show*. And guess what — the house featured here is on the market! Meaning, I’m moving!

Just kidding, it’s on sale for $75 million. The 13-bedroom, 14-bath estate is called La Villa Contenta (yeah, I’d be pretty “contenta” if I lived there, too) is in Malibu overlooking the Pacific ocean. In addition to once housing the cast and crew of “True Blood” — obviously it’s greatest achievement — it also boasts, according to the realtor’s website, a 25-foot infinity pool and ample room (never fear!) for staff. Because if you lived here, you’d have staff. The site also proclaims, “Never before has an estate of this caliber and in this condition been made available in this way.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking…it’s so…available.

Anyway, mark my words: if I were to ever raise the funds to buy this monstrosity that I would kill for, I would recreate the scene with Eric where Queen Sophie-Anne tackles him onto the floor and makes out with him like a million times. Because at that point I could also afford to rent Alexander Skarsgard. And so I would.

*It’s actually only me.