So is my dad. And my aunts and uncles. And my grandfather. And my 13-year-old cousin. The whole family’s there. I am basically living everyone’s nightmare.

But if you knew my family, you’d understand. I come from a techie family. We’re an iPhone family. My mom and my uncle compete for who has the newest and coolest technological gadgets. My grandfather is addicted to his iPad. It’s a little weird. Though, kind of cool I guess.

But when I first got the Facebook requests from my parents, aunts, uncle and eventually my grandfather I was naturally weary. I was still in college and hadn’t exactly changed my privacy settings just yet. I was lectured by my mother about how I have to accept their friend requests or else … even though there’s never an else. So I accepted my entire family into my virtual world. Not without limitations, of course. Immediately, I created a “family” list and gave them all the very least amount of access to my Facebook page as possible. Immediately after that, I was lectured once again by my mom. “I can understand why your brother won’t let me see his wall (yes, she knows the lingo too), but you, Jillian? What don’t you want me to see anyways?” She called my bluff. I really had nothing to hide (my brother doesn’t either, but he’s a boy and boys inherently don’t tell their mothers anything). I had already untagged any embarrassing pictures of myself and we have a rule that she’s not allowed to friend any of my friends. I had nothing to lose.

My mom being on Facebook isn’t so bad. It’s actually kind of funny. She will call me up sometimes and ask me questions about how certain privacy settings work. And she’s constantly asking what’s appropriate to write on other people’s walls. It’s more of a bonding experience than anything else. No harm done. No need for the “Your Mom on Facebook Filter.” To be honest, she’ll probably put a link to this on her Facebook page (hi, mom’s friends!).

Here’s the real kicker: my mom’s on Twitter, too. Which means, I’m also her Twitter consultant. She had me help her set up her Twitter account for work (we spent two days making the perfect background because it had to be just right). But now, she uses it more than I do. She uses Tweetdeck and HootSuite to manage all of her accounts. She tweets more than I do. And she’s always talking and bragging about how many more followers she has (it’s not a contest, but she gets excited about it). My mom’s a social media nerd. And I’ve learned to embrace it.