Oh so pretty!

Twitter. It’s such a bizarre piece of social media, yet so many of us are addicted either for work or social reasons. For me, it has made life easier when it comes to being informed about the world. It has also made my ability to share stupid things like photos of my food with my followers equally as easy. Without Twitter, where would we be?

But what are the social graces of Twitter? It is a form of “social” media, so it must have some set of rules. For example, do you have to “follow” someone back, once they start following you? And if you do, are you allowed to “unfollow” them?

I’m currently following a person who’s obsessed with rainbows and unicorns and puppies and shit. She started following me and asked me several times to follow her back. I wasn’t being snobby about it, I just usually stick to co-workers, close friends and places that I need to read about for work purposes. But I finally relented. So what do I have popping up on my Twitter feed 50 times a day? Rainbows and puppies and kittens playing with unicorns! I don’t know who this person is or where he/she lives, but they’re obsessed with these things. She’s probably an eight-year-old in Minnesota for all I know, but because I thought it was a “social” grace to follow her back, I did. And when I tried to “unfollow” her, rainbows turned to clouds and unicorns died. In other words, she got a wee bit crazy; she was not happy.

So now I’m really hoping that she’s an eight-year-old in Minnesota and not a crazy man who lives down the block from me. But if we had a manual, like for that of giving and taking phone numbers after a one-night stand, we’d know how to behave under these circumstances. LIFE SHOULD HAVE COME WITH A MANUAL!

Someone needs to get on that stat, and I know I’m the wrong person to do it.