You know those stickers that some people have that depict their whole entire family with little cartoon characters? You probably didn’t think much could be done to those stickers to make them more annoying, but you were wrong.

Some genius (or more likely, some mom who rubs one out to Edward Cullen every fucking night and is totally not someone who you should emulate in any way) designed Twilight Family Car stickers, in which parents can be Bella and Edward, or Bella and Jacob, or Bella and Bella, or Edward and Jacob (or just Bella, or Just Jacob — I don’t really think that Edward would make as good of a single dad, frankly) and kids can be mini-Bella, mini-Edward, mini-Jacob, or — wait for it! — Renesmee.

Whoever invented these, in no uncertain terms, you are crazy.

P.S. — No word on where the deer and the lion came from.