Of all the people to try to take credit for having invented twerking, this might be tied with Miley Cyrus for the weirdest.

According to one highly quotable yoga lady, twerking is not, in fact, an outgrowth of the African-American dominated bounce music scene of New Orleans, but the ancient eastern spiritual practice known as yoga. Specifically: a way to open your butt chakra. Yoga instructor Barbara Purcell tells The Daily Mail:

“Although twerking can be traced back as far as 20 years in pop and hip hop culture, its roots may very well rest in the ancient traditions of yoga from thousands of years ago.”

Who knew yoga was so popular in New Orleans? I’m listening.

“The word most likely comes from the words work and twist. The combination creates a sexually charged dance move with thrusting hips and low squatting stance.”

Well I never! Please treat me to some more strange but true twacts (twerking facts).

“Yoga teaches an energy system within the body involving various energy points known as chakras. They basically move from our root, up the spine, to the crown. Lower chakra work with a bit of a twerk which is a sexually-charged move really helps this area – and it’s proven very popular so far.”

Don’t get me wrong: I am sure yoga has incorporated some sexy pelvis chakra movement from the beginning. But let’s not muddy the waters. While it’s certainly spread in popularity as of late, twerking is actually a specific kind of dance with a specific cultural history, and it’s vaguely obnoxious to pretend anything different. Unless Big Freedia somehow invented a time machine and took it back in history to teach twerking to ancient yoga people? Wouldn’t it that past her.

That said, I’d probably find yoga a lot less boring if it incorporated random bouts of twerking, so feel free to keep it in mind anyhow, yoga teachers.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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