I know you are all very upset right now over Kristen Stewart‘s relationship jeopardizing decision to get it on with someone other than Robert Pattison. Take heart in the fact that you are not nearly as upset as this woman.

No stranger to the Youtube community, the aptly named Nutty Madam is already well known for posting hysterical Twilight-related reaction videos like this one from last year. But this one is different in that it shows not excited tears of Twi-love, but angry tears of hurt and confusion over how Kristen could to this to Rob. In fact, I’m pretty sure she cycles through the five stages of grief right before our very eyes, though she seems to be having trouble with the last one, acceptance.

It is a bit strange that she yells “you really need to fucking leave them alone!” in the same breath in which she yells “you were stupid enough to get photographed doing it! Don’t be so stupid!!!” but ours is not to question the ways of Nutty Madam. Ours is only to enjoy.

(Via Gawker)