Last night’s The Sound Of Music live show, starring Carrie Underwood, was met with all sorts of reactions. Namely: critical hilarity. Considering the special cost NBC a reported $9 million, you would think its 3 hours would be excellent, or at least have some redeeming points. However, if social media is a remotely accurate gauge on how the public feels, it failed pretty miserably.

Professional critics, celebrities and us normals alike were all blowing up Twitter with comments and questions about the perplexingly bad “holiday event,” only to find that just about everybody felt the same way. Here are but a few of these oh-so-perfect reactions.





Oh god, Joan Rivers might be a total jerk 90% of the time but this is so terribly accurate.  








As for the worst tweets, they were all on DiGiorno Pizza’s account. It was awful. I think 12-year-olds may have been running their account last night.



Stop trying to make DiGiorno happen, guys.

If you’re looking for a more critical analysis, check out our sister site Crushable’s detailed recap on the musical. All in all, it was a remarkable achievement in getting millions of people to get together, get annoyed, and get on Twitter to voice their annoyances. Thanks, NBC!