Are you sick of seeing photos of babies, babies, and more babies each and every time you log into Facebook? Would you rather look at photos of “awesome stuff,” like dogs, seals, and bacon? Then browser extension is just the digital solution you’ve been looking for.

Developed for Google Chrome (which you should already be using anyway) by Google’s Chris Baker, Peter Marquis and Yvonne Cheng, was conceived as a novel solution to what Baker terms “the obvious baby problem.” Its default setting is to replace pictures of babies with pictures of cats (which, unlike babies, the Internet never seems to tire of looking at), but if you’re not a cat person you can adjust it to work with any image based RSS feed. (I like Cute Boys With Cats, myself.)

Personally, my baby-control system thus far has been “don’t be friends with anyone mature enough to even think about reproducing,” but I can see how this might become a problem as my friends and I get older. And before you accuse me of being a hater, know that I do not, in fact, hate babies. I just don’t really have much of a thing for them at this point in my life, and would rather look at something that actually amuses me than a million identical photos of the same drool-covered child. And judging from how many “likes” this nifty little piece of tech has already garnered on Facebook, I’m not alone.

(Via Mashable)