Cry baby temper tantrum Geez, college kids, I turn my back for a mere 1.5 years and already you’ve made your group look awful! (Just kidding; the genre of human known as “college kids” has been historically despised by anybody who experiences nostalgia and/or has ever been remotely near an EDM show.) But really, guys–you have been especially awful with the racism lately. First the racist party at ASU, then the defending of the racist party with giggly blackface, then the gnarly revenge poo incident, and now this.

College students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign got so furious when they were not given a snow day by Chancellor Phyllis Wise despite a 30-below temperature forecast for Monday. Their initial reaction was to whine, as one might do when told absurd news like this, but then they went full-on temper tantrum status and became totally not relatable nor sympathetic.

No, really: instead of being normal human beings and either skipping or going, they decided to start an online petition insisting they get the day off. That in and of itself would be fine, or whatever, but then the #FuckPhyllis hashtag began among many UICIC students. It contained aggressively mean, sexist and racist content directed toward Wise.


(Many of the people who tweeted things have since taken down their Twitters, so the following are screenshots from BuzzFeed.)

FuckPhyllis screenshot 2 FuckPhyllis screenshot 3 Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.43.40 AM 2 FuckPhyllis screenshot 1 Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.43.40 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.43.40 AM 3 FuckPhyllis screenshot 4

Look kids, let me tell you something: you had options here.

– Bundle the F up and go to class. I’m from Syracuse; I used to walk in this miserable weather as a 6-year-old and my hair would literally have icicles in it by the time I arrived to school. I get it, being cold sucks and I’m officially a lame curmudgeon, but seriously?
– Tell your professor you cannot attend because the weather is abysmal. Encourage your classmates to do so, as well, in the hopes that your professor will agree and figure it’s not worth it to teach a significantly reduced class (provided you know classmates and your class isn’t 100+ people).
– Lie like an 8-year-old who wants to skip a math test (or a hungover 19-year-old, which you very well may already be) and say you’re sick.
– Simply do not go. Feel free to whine on social media for about half an hour, then stop before you turn into an asshole.

I bet this toddler would've gone. Via.

I bet this toddler would’ve gone.

Honestly, I do not quite understand how these types of things start. What kind of people in 2014 spontaneously decide to all start hashtagging something insulting toward (A) somebody who’s in power at their school and (B) another human being, period? And who seriously compares not getting a fucking snow day to the mass murder of millions of humans? The term “hyperbole” doesn’t even begin to describe that type of hilariously egocentric and oblivious talk. Eh, I guess it’s the same type of people who throw “homeless parties” and throw racist parties and condone abuse toward their friends. Basically, shitty ones. Shitty ones with an incredibly negative, overpowering groupthink mindset.

Fortunately, most people are not nearly this stupid and this obviously does not represent everyone at this university, nor college students in general; it’s just a shame that for the next couple weeks, every time a prospective student Googles that school, they’ll spot a close-minded, unfriendly environment instead of a potential option. Innumerable people are using the hashtag now to condemn this behavior rather than add to it.

Well, at least that vengeful shitting girl was doing anything but going with the mainstream crowd. Eh? You win some, you lose some.