Stacy Oristano, right, and friend Emerson, left

We had the good fortune to run into Stacy Oristano, who plays Mindy Collette, the lovable stripper, on “Friday Night Lights,” at Melanie Segal’s Celebrity S.O.S (Save Our Seas) Lounge in West Hollywood last Friday. The event was held to raise funds and awareness for the BP oil spill, and Stacy was kind enough to let us tag along with her as she wound her way through product promotions and paparazzi.

As we wandered, The Gloss had the chance to talk to Stacy a bit about her favorite products and clothing. Turns out that her revealing look on the show doesn’t reflect her fashion preferences in real life.

“I want to be in jeans, a hoodie and chucks every day,” she told us, adding that her friends are now pushing her to experiment with fashion and wear make-up outside of the house. Despite her bestie’s efforts to Hollywood her up, though, when we asked about her favorite beauty product, she whipped out a tube of Aquaphor, a healing ointment by Eucerin that’s available at drugstores for about $6. Oh, and in addition to it’s myriad benefits for dry and ailing skin, she said, “it’s also what you put on tattoos after you get them.”

Curious. Perhaps there’s a little more Mindy in Stacy then meets the eye.