vaginaI’ve never worked in an office that banned any website. I’ve heard from friends that the tyranny of some places has led to Facebook being banned which, as far as people being efficient, makes more than a lot of sense. But if I ever heard that a workplace had banned, oh, let’s say, TheGloss, I’d be fucking stunned. What else are you supposed to read to get yourself through the workday? Reports? Excel spreadsheets?

But apparently, certain “dirty” words, like “vagina” can result in a website being blocked. I think we use “vagina” fairly often here. I know we have the use of “fuck” down to an art, and I imagine vagina is a close second. But vagina is a horrible, vulgar word that has no place outside of a porn or a human biology class! It’s gross and offensive! I should just stop using it!

Jane Pratt recently discovered that her brainchild, xoJane, has been blocked at a bunch of companies so their diligent employees can’t get their fill of whatever the hell is going on over at xoJane on a daily basis. According to Pratt, the banning of her site is because “some algorithm of the number of times we use the word ‘vagina’ divided by the number of times we use the word ‘the’ or something like that.” I think the “something like that” is pretty accurate, because fuck if I know the first thing about algorithms. It sounds like an STD, if you ask me.

And so, Ms. Pratt is appealing this, to whom, I don’t know. But she’d really like to make sure all her loyal readers will be able to get their xoJane fill at all waking hours, and not just the ones at home with your cat on your lap.

Although I can see many words leading to a site being banned at a workplace, “vagina” shouldn’t be one of them. All women have vaginas, we bleed with them once a month (or less if you’re lucky), they’re used in the baby-making process, and for sex and all whole slew of other things. Vaginas are far more exciting than an arm or a leg; and far more talented, too. Vaginas are fun. Vaginas are cool. Vagina should not result in a website being blocked, banned, or whatever you want to call it, from a workplace.


Photo: The Zen of Making