I’m really glad that the intrepid team at BlackBook is scouring the web for the weirdest Valentine’s day gifts possible. And they found it! They found this bizarre Twilight inspired cut-out!

It’s Edward, if you were not aware. From Twilight. It is a “Life Size Vampire Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decal.”

The Etsy seller explains:

Let everyone know what team you’re on by giving Edward a home! Or you can keep him to yourself… put him on the back of your bedroom door so he can be intrigued while you sleep! He’ll be keeping an eye out for any roving carnivorous vampires searching for a snack, while reminding you to “Be Safe”.

This is really stunningly, authentically bizarre, because I cannot imagine giving your beloved a shadowy vampire to watch over them. But then, back in my day, Vampires were monsters, and they were not happy protectors?

As BlackBook points out:

The ominous and almost threatening “Be safe,” or the fact that this is all supposed to be romantic? Romantics of the world, if your partner is really into Twilight, that’s fine, whatever, and I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but please don’t drop $60 on a gift that says “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby! Here’s your Stockholm Syndrome!”

The world is changing, endlessly changing. This is how we do romance, now.

Picture via Etsy