vanity fair - hollywood edition - no women of colorWhen you see the new Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue on stands these next few weeks, you’ll notice that, once again, they have pushed women of color off the cover. I mean, to Vanity Fair‘s credit, they are technically on it, but it’s only in pulling out the multi-page cover that you can see them. Vanity Fair also pulled this shit last year.

While it’s definitely an honor to be included in the Hollywood Edition, you’d think that at some point one of these women would stand up and make a scene. That is what actresses do after all; make scenes. I actually hear that they’re pretty good at that.

However, no one seems to be fighting the art department at Vanity Fair, demanding that they should be on the cover instead of being second best on the inside flap. Which, I think, is very disheartening. Maybe it’s because the honor to be apart of the issue is such a big deal, that no one wants to rock the boat. And that’s fine, but still. You’d think after last year and how this issue was scrutinized for their decision then would have had some effect on how they handled this particular edition. But no. Do people not learn from the mistakes of their past?

As you’ll note, across the top are the words “Special Collecter’s Edition!” with obnoxious red stars on either end. I’m sure those who collect Vanity Fair magazines are probably beside themselves in giddiness about this fact. But wouldn’t it be even more of a collector’s edition, maybe even more of something one would want to keep around, if Vanity Fair broke their mold a bit and put Quvenzhané Wallis and Kerry Washington (they’re both on the inside flap) on the cover? Yes, Ben Affleck, Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper are talented and lovely, but they’re also everywhere on magazine stands. Let’s give Quvenzhané Wallis a shot, too.


Photo: Vanity Fair

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