fox news

Well, if you thought CNN handled Steubenville badly, gosh, you’re really going to hate Fox’s coverage. Because they managed to leak the victim’s name.

According to The Raw Story, Fox reported:

“We have not known, really, how the victim is doing, Mike,” host Martha MacCallum told Tobin. “Is there any information on that today?”

“Well, a relative tells me that she spends a lot of time in her room,” Tobin explained. “She has been back out playing sports, and through it all — you’ll be surprised to learn — she made the honor roll one more time.”

“A family representative says the remorse coming from the football players came too late,” the correspondent added. “We saw their reaction yesterday.”

At that point, the report cut to footage of one of the rapists, 17-year-old Trent Mays, apologizing to the victim in court on Sunday.

“I would truly like to apologize to [redacted], her family, my family and the community,” Mays said. “No picture [of the rape] should have been sent around, let alone even taken.”

It’s nice that The Raw story redacted that name. Fox did not. You can watch the America’s Newsroom video, here.

Though it’s nice to know, I suppose, that the rapists were not the only ones who were very good students.