This … is amazing.

Following Audrina Patridge being kicked off Dancing With The Stars, her mom delivered this hilarious rant before being picked up and carried off.  Highlights include:

  • “It’s all show-biz baby, the show must go on.”
  • “Audrina is gonna fuckin’ rise.  And she’s got class.”
  • “Lauren Conrad’s pissy, little, fashion-shit.  If that bitch wants to bring it on, let’s go.”
  • “Splash will kick your ass you fuck with me, you know that.”
  • “I been a celebrity mom 8 years through this Hills bullshit.”  (8 years?  The Hills premiered in 2006.)
  • “Fuckin Hills girls?  Hills TRAMPS.  My baby’s a star.  She’s the only one who’s got some class and I don’t give a fuck about it.”

Well.  How can you argue with logic like that?