William Breathes is living the high life. He doesn’t work a nine to five, sit in a cubical, nor wear a suit to work. Breathes is a pot critic.

His job involves rolling blunts, taking bong hits, and writing about it. You’re probably trying to think of a way to get hired for this surreal job, but unless your resume says “chronic stomach pain,” you probably won’t even make it to the interview stage.

Check it out for yourself:

[cnn_player id=”money/.element/apps/cvp/4.0/swf/cnn_money_384x216_embed.swf?context=embed&videoId=/video/news/2010/07/28/n_pot_weed_marijuana_critic.cnnmoney”]

(Video via CNN Money)

Would you consider quitting your current job to become a pot critic?