When I first saw the trailer for No Strings Attached, I was all like, meh. I can tell you the entire plot of this movie already, and not all women who fuck their friends fall in love with them, and why don’t they make a movie about two people who have uncomplicated sex and are totally fine with it?!

Then, when I saw the trailer for Friends With Benefits, I was like, come again? Didn’t I just see a trailer for this movie? Is Mila Kunis becoming Natalie Portman’s black swan IRL? Because that’s the only reason I can think of for her to act in the same stupid movie about the same stupid thing, right after Natalie Portman did.

Anyway, someone agreed with me and made a mash-up of the two rom-coms’ trailers, and it turns out they’re even more alike than I thought. Even the camera work is the same!

Reality check time: I’m sure some great relationships have started out as friendships-with-sex, and I’m happy for those people. But more often than not, having sex with your friends is pretty disappointing, and you remember why you originally decided you’d rather be friends with that person than date them. Things are awkward for a little while, and then you both get over it. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.

Or it could not be awkward at all! I know some rather horny people who bang friends and acquaintances like it’s no big deal. They’re certainly in no danger of falling in love with them.

I guess the moral of the story is that boring movies are boring, and you should not attempt a friends-with-benefits-ship in the hopes of falling mutually in passionate, Hollywood style love, because it almost never works out that way. Unless, of course, your friend is as quirkily dreamy as Justin Timberlake or Ashton Kutcher. Then, I would not fault you for attempting to collect some of those benefits.