You know those Sex and the City-addled women who insist on treating “their gays” like pets or accessories, rather than multifaceted human beings? I don’t know any personally, because that is something that makes me not want to be friends with someone, but I do know they’re out there, wearing feather boas, bothering gay guys, and perpetuating stereotypes. Why, someone is probably proclaiming herself a “fag hag” and “a total Samantha” right at this moment. Oy.

Because it’s 2011 and we should not still be dealing with this shit, writer/comedian duo Brent Sullivan and Eliot Glazer show how ridiculous (and ultimately bigoted) an attitude this is to take in the latest episode of their web series “It Gets Betterish.” In it, we see the two pals get accosted by a homosexual-obsessed young woman at a dinner party. Despite everyone else around them treating them like regular people, this chick manages to spew every cliche about gay men from “they hate vaginas” to “they are always having sex with each other all the time” in just a few minutes. But despite being generally pleasant guys, Brent and Eliot can only be pushed so far before they decide to take the last laugh for themselves. Watch the above video to see our young Carrie Bradshaw wannabe receive her due comeuppance, and remember: just because a dude is gay, does not necessarily mean he is looking for a lonely, drunken woman to hang out and talk about asses with.

(Via Buzzfeed)