Would you like to watch a man in a banana costume startle the crap out of critically acclaimed actress Megan Fox? Is that even a question?

On The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday, Megan Fox was telling Ellen about how she used to have to dress up like a banana when she worked at a smoothie place, when a bit of dramatic irony encroached on the scene. I guess Fox submitted her anecdotes ahead of time (is that a thing talk shows make people do?), because Ellen was awesome enough to obtain a large, humanoid banana to sneak up behind her right as she was getting to the good part. They got a pretty good reaction out of Fox, who probably still has nightmares about that hot, uncomfortable, un-sexy banana suit they made her wear.

Was this prank mean? Maybe, but at least it kept Fox from getting to the part in her pre-rehearsed speech about how she has no female friends because women are all jealous bitches. Friends With Kids looks like a decently good movie, and I do not want to be reminded of Fox’s personal shortcomings before I go see it.

(Via The Ellen Show)