In this video, Oprah talks to Piers Morgan about what she considers her biggest failure, and I’m happy to report that it’s not failing to donate enough money to charity or some shit. It’s when her movie, “Beloved,” tanked at the box office.

Oprah tells Piers that when she realized the movie wasn’t going to do well during its opening weekend, it “sent me into a massive, depressive, macaroni-and-cheese eating tailspin.” She goes on to say that she gained about 30 macaroni-related pounds, and once she realized that she was depressed she gave herself a time limit, after which, if she wasn’t feeling better, she would seek professional help.

That’s some honesty for you. You rarely hear Hollywood folk talk about going into a tailspin of depression because a movie doesn’t do well, but don’t we all secretly believe that’s what must happen?

Here’s the whole video:

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