To answer your first question, no, I’m still not over this meme. People are just doing such funny shit with it! But more than that, in this case, it happens to speak directly to my own experience, since I am a Jew. (OK, maybe not all of this shit has happened to me, but some of it has — like, for instance, please don’t say “you got Jewed” or “Jewed down” if you’re not a Jew. You can’t get away with it. Nope! I don’t care that you live in New York and you think you know where to get a good bagel and so you consider yourself an “honorary Jew.” You still can’t say it.)

I will say that this video pretty blatantly rips off some stuff from “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls,” like the hair touching and the “do you know a Shaina Levinstein?” Also, I think the video misses a few frequently asked questions. For instance:

– Do you celebrate Christmas? I know you’re Jewish but it’s not like it’s really a religious holiday.
– Are you going to get a Christmas tree?
– So Hanukkah isn’t really an important holiday, right?
– Wait, you guys don’t eat on….how do you pronounce that holiday?
– Do you eat ham?
– I got lox!! You love lox, right? Oh, why did I think you loved lox?

Anyway, here’s the video:

[youtube_iframe id=”51dFlpwKkBM”]