Michelle Duggar, best known as the mom from TLC’s mega-family show 19 Kids and Counting, was recently honored as “Mother of the Year” by The Baby Conference. TBC is sponsored by Vision Forum, a conservative evangelical Christian group, and bears the subtitle “A Historic Family Summit on the Triumph of Life Over the Culture of Death.”  The conference, which took place last week, purports to celebrate the “culture of life,” which is basically a fancy way of saying “have giant families.”

As the world lauds barrenness for economic and personal convenience and marginalizes the value of our aging populace, we purpose to celebrate life and to explore a myriad of practical and theological issues that are pertinent to Christian families of the twenty-first century, such as: adoption, home birth, the coming cry for euthanasia on the horizon as our elderly generation increases, and the many blessings that come from raising children in the fear of the Lord.

As you’ll see, the video is basically a bunch of women “thanking” Michelle – some just say thanks, and some add a little bit of stuff about how she gave them the courage to have a ton of kids or how she inspired them to live more Biblically.

[vimeo video=”13117038″]

Thank You Michelle Duggar from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.