A San Diego sports anchor named Ross Shimabuku was recently suspended for a week without pay over some extremely obnoxious and sexist comments he made about female NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. Let’s take a listen to what he said.

Whoa, it’s even worse than I thought it would be. Not only is the anchor clearly a sexist prick, he also seems to have rather poor listening comprehension. Why else would his main takeaway from the following soundbite from “pretty girl” (SHE IS TWENTY FUCKING NINE) Danica Patrick be that “she’s sexy and she knows it”?

“I don’t know quite why when you’re referring to a girl, a female athlete in particular, that you have to use the word ‘sexy.’ Is there any other word that you can use to describe me?”

As anyone with a brain can see, this is ironic because Danica’s point was not, in fact, that she’s sexy and she knows it, but rather that she’s exasperated over the retrograde way sports coverage of female athletes tends to focus on their looks much more than coverage of their male counterparts does.

But that’s not all! Shimabuku goes on to call her a bitch (for daring to question sexism in sports coverage or “knowing she’s sexy”, it’s not clear which), and says “she always has a chip on her shoulder, trying to prove something.” She should just shut up and get back in the kitchen where she belongs! And make him a sandwich and have some babies while she’s at it!

Shimabuku has been suspended for a week without pay, which seems like a pretty light slap on the wrist for such a gross violation of basic human civility. And if you don’t believe me, let’s do a thought experiment. What if Danica were a black person speaking about racism in the way athletes are covered, and instead of calling her a bitch, he’d called her an uppity n****r? You can bet his career would’ve been over. I’m not saying racism isn’t still a problem (it obviously is), but activists have done a pretty good job making blatantly racist language a social taboo. It’s high time we did the same thing with sexism.

(Via Bust Magazine)