They’re more than just dance partners – they’re trailblazers. Israeli TV host Gili Shem Tov agreed to be on her country’s edition of Dancing with the Stars under the condition that she be assigned a female partner. The show agreed, and Shem Tov, along with her pro dance partner Dorit Milman, quickly captured attention around the world.

This week, they performed their second dance, a sexy rumba. In the intro clip to their performance this week, the show [forgive me, my Hebrew is terrible – if any Sabras want to help me out here, I’d be much obliged] focused on Shem Tov and Milman’s newfound media spotlight, as well as some of their training challenges (the women have decided to switch off leading in their dances). If you want to skip straight to the dance, it begins around the 3:30 mark. The pair scored 20 points this week – an improvement from their first dance, but still toward the middle of the pack. Pamela Anderson was the show’s guest host this week, so there are some parts in English.