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Just when you thought there was no joy to be had from Kim Kardashian flavored anything, three cute old ladies come along and make it fun to laugh at her all over again.

In this video, three grandmas use their hard won knowledge of intercourse to comment on Kim’s “leaked” sex tape Kim Kardashian: Superstar, which sadly became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their comments include “his tongue is hitting her cligh-toris” “she’s just laying there,” and “oh my God, look at it, the end is purple.” These things are all factually true, but sound funnier coming from an old lady, because old ladies are supposed to be all proper and knit sweaters and not watch porn. They also say “she’s stupid, look at that,” without providing any context, but maybe they’re referring to the whole thing.

Real talk: I can’t wait until my friends and I are old enough to review sex tapes in a hilarious, old person fashion. We do it now, but it isn’t quite the same.

(Via Gawker)