If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the Canadian guy in this video got wasted and stumbled out into the street where he found a hot dog vendor, then decided to take those hot dogs and put everything he could think of in and around them in order to make a sandwich.

In fact I do not know if that’s how he came up with this monstrosity, but the result of his sandwich-y madness is the Angry French Canadian. The video accompanying the sandwich is a little douche-y, although it can become a fun game by listening to see if either of the two guys in it saying “aboot.”

Anyway, the sandwich goes as follows: Bacon. “Steamies,” which I think is Canadian for street hot dogs. Poutines, a.k.a. fries slathered with gravy and topped with cheese. 20-inch baguettes. Eggs. All covered in maple syrup.

And you know what’s the most wrong about the whole thing? Those sandwiches…oh Jesus…they look…kind of good.