Do you enjoy watching men get all insecure about admitting to liking girl stuff? Then you will enjoy this video!

In a recent interview with WWE star/actor John Cena, a correspondent from HollywoodLife.com asked him if he thought Chuck and Blair (who are characters on Gossip Girl, but you probably knew that already, because you’re not ashamed to like girly things) were destined to be together. This was his reply:

No, no…I don’t know how I know this, maybe because the Mrs. is a huge Gossip Girl fan…[various admiring things about Chuck Bass] [detailed explanation of why Chuck and Blair are not meant to be]…I don’t know how I can regurgitate this information, but I have seen the show.

No shit you’ve seen the show, dude! Leaving aside for a moment the fact that he’s completely and utterly wrong about Chuck and Blair (if she ends up with Dan Humphrey, I don’t know what to believe in anymore), I find it adorable how embarrassed he is that he’s ever watched the show at all, let alone formed an opinion about its characters’ relationships. Could you imagine a woman getting this embarrassed over liking, say, wrestling? No, because it’s cool when girls like boy things.

I think John Cena will be a lot happier if he just admits Gossip Girl is an amazing show, and also that he’s wrong about Chair. I’ll even let him and “The Missus” come over and watch it at my house, provided he brings snacks and doesn’t talk.

(Via Vulture)