Ah, the singing of “The Star-Spangeled Banner” at the World Series. Typically only the biggest recording stars are given the chance to mess it up. But because Fox broadcasts the World Series, enter actress and indie singer Zooey Deschanel. She currently stars in the new Fox comedy New Girl about a 30-something woman who moves in with three guys and likes to remind us how quirky she is. (Sidebar: I enjoy New Girl but it has made me really miss My Boys.)

Anyways, here is Deschanel taking a stab at the National Anthem before Game 4 last night. It’s not a flashy version. Just a girl and a mic. My only complaint is that her rendition is a little too low, which works great for a Nina Simone cover and less so for the Natioanl Anthem. But, hey, she remembered all the words. Not bad, Deschanel. Also, keep an eye out for former President George W. Bush at the end of the clip. It’s not a Rangers playoffs game unless he’s on the scene.