She might be in the fashion and beauty blogs today for her natural hairdo and green Vera Wang gown, but Viola Davis was also notable last night for the truths she spoke about black actresses in Hollywood.

When asked about her Oscar-nominated role in The Help before the awards ceremony last night, she said she almost turned it down because a maid was a stereotypical role for a black actress to play, but “when I saw how rich the role was, it was a no-brainer.” But the real truth bomb came when she criticized Hollywood’s narrow set of options for black actresses:

“Do you know the black equivalent of a Meryl Streep? Or a Julia Roberts or a Nicole Kidman? The only category is for a strong authoritative hoochie mama. If you exude anything else, you don’t exist. There is no character for you.”

This is true, and it’s also way shitty, and something that needs to be addressed. Good on Viola Davis for reminding us that Hollywood is far from perfect on the occasion of its annual giant circle-jerk.

(Via The Sun)