I don’t ask for much, but I would like to go to a place where ponies wear sweaters, and is everything is beautiful and cozy. It’s stupid cold here, and no one is getting me a sweater. Maybe I just want a wooly sweater. Maybe I just wish I were as adorable as a much loved pony. I don’t know. But the answer to everything is “go to Scotland, cold American, everything is adorable there.” On that note, the Visit Scotland Facebook page is now showcasing these ponies:

visit scotland

Normally, I don’t get really into adorable animals doing human things, but just look at them. This is charming. I am charmed by these. Wooly sweaters and ponies go together like peanut butter and tongue scraping the roof of your mouth after eating peanut butter. So, naturally, and inevitably.

The Visit Scotland webpage – which contains more pony pictures! – states:

Some rather striking cardigans have been seen on an usual set of Shetland residents – Shetland Ponies. Posing in their winter woollies, the ponies were marking the Year of Natural Scotland by sporting some rather plush knitwear that wouldn’t seem out of place in any trendy city hangout.

Its safe to say both Fivla and Vitamin didn’t seem to mind all the attention their custom made attire brought them.

Their names are Filva and Vitamin! Everything about this is charming, and is warming my cold heart on this freezing day.

God, I hope they put them in tasteful swim-wear in the summer months.

Pictures via Wikipedia, Visit Scotland Facebook,