Look, this Volkswagen Super Bowl ad is honestly really cheering me up. Not that I needed cheering up. I mean, I am not a YouTube legend about to begin breaking a guitar into pieces for the second time. Not like the people in this ad. I don’t need Jimmy Cliff as much as they do. But still. Watch it:

[youtube_iframe id=”NfCm9P8naDQ”]

You know, honestly, I’m just so happy that the girl who loved cats got a cat to cuddle, and is now happy. I also really like it when the politician tries to dance (he is far, far better at yelling, but it’s a nice little dance, in spite of that).

I think I like this because, well, if people in those extreme YouTube videos can calm down and do a little dance and generally be okay, there’s hope for all of us. I mean, those videos are popular because we all see ourselves in them, a little bit. We are all upset little rage monkeys, sometimes. We all need Jimmy Cliff music, sometimes.

But it’s okay to take a step back from all our many, many feelings, and go dance around on a hilltop. Because it’s fun. It’s just fun.

Thanks, Volkswagen.