Tavi belts out Gore's classic "You Don't Own Me."

We’re coming down to the wire here with this election, people. I’m not going to pretend I’m rooting for Mitt Romney (I already voted for Barack Obama actually), so I’m not going to pretend that reproductive rights aren’t a major issue for me and so many other women during this election season.

In 1964, Lesley Gore recorded “You Don’t Own Me,” and as she says at the end of this video it’s hard for her to believe that here we are over 40 years later still trying to fight for control over our bodies.

If you care about your reproductive rights, you absolutely must vote in two weeks. There’s an estimated 10 million more women than men who will vote this year and their responsibility, as humans with ovaries, is to steer clear of the candidate who not only wants to take funding away from Planned Parenthood, but overturn Roe vs. Wade putting us pretty much back in the dark ages. We don’t deserve the dark ages; we deserve to make our own choices about our own body. Why is this not a simple concept to Mitt?

Ladies, in 2008 women made up 60% of the voters. So, in the words of Spike Lee, “Do the right thing.” Oh, and watch this video, too.

[youtube_iframe id=”XMxtbAP2cyU”]


Photo: YouTube