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Apparently Hollywood is observing a new seven day holiday called “Naked Celebrity Week” and the rest of us are just unaware of it. First Kim Kardashian, who I am declaring the patron saint of this celebration, bared her greasy bod yet another time. Then Jennifer Lawrence joined in on the fun with a badass naked reptile-inspired photo shoot that only the Girl on Fire would be brave enough to do. And of course we can’t forget Kendall Jenner’s boob-tastic photoshoot.

Now a trio that I like to think of as the princes of comedy, Jon Stewart, Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert, have added their contribution to Naked Celebrity Week and it is (of course) freaking hilarious.

The Daily Show’s Instagram account shared a clip of Jon, Steve and Stephen with their shirts off (and pants on) while serving us all the hairy, comedic realness that we could ever want. I’m sorry Kim but your attempts as smizing have nothing on Jon Stewart’s kissy faces. No there’s no full frontal nudity here but I still think that Jon, Steve and Stephen might still manage to #breaktheinternet. According to The Huffington Post, the clip could be from a 2001 episode of The Daily Show.

Am I wrong for thinking that Stephen Colbert looks sort of…hot here? Guys, enjoy this clip while I go and re-evaluate some things in my life.

#TBT #breaktheinternet

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