Last night Meryl Streep was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to promote her new movie Hope Springs. As usual, she was delightful and funny and evoked in most of us the urge to shake her wildly and scream “why so fucking perfect, Meryl?” It’s painful for the rest of us plebes.

Since Streep is pretty much the best, she was a good sport and played “Fuck, Marry, Kill” just like our editors Ashley Cardiff and Jennifer Wright! Yes, Ashley, Jennifer and Meryl are three peas in a pod! The host gave Meryl (yes, now we’re on a first name basis) the following three choices for the game:

Robert Redford

Jack Nicholson

Dustin Hoffman

Before you click on the link (it’s the second video down) to see how she chose, how would you decide on these fellas. I have to say it’s pretty obvious. Who wouldn’t want to marry Robert Redford and fuck Jack Nicholson? Sorry, Hoffman, but that’s just how shit goes sometimes.