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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on the air since October of 2010. I have religiously followed the show since day one, because duh—watching rich women argue about ridiculous things is like chicken soup for my soul. Currently the show is in its sixth season, and although we haven’t seen a whole lot of drama from the ladies of BH, their lives have still made for some pretty phenomenal television. Why’s that? Because almost everything the Housewives do and say is insane. They’re truly bonkers, and even though this season has been tame, relatively speaking, I’ve still been straight up screaming at the TV every single time I watch.

The following are 20 things I have yelled at the TV while watching season six of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

1. “Eileen Davidson, what are you doing with these insane women? You are too good and pure and hilarious for this!”

2. “Did David and Yolanda Foster just invite Erika Jayne to perform for the Pope? That didn’t actually happen, did it?”

3. “How many vacations do these people go on in one year? What are they talking vacations from?!”

4. “OK, this is getting boring. Can we get a shot of Yolanda’s glorious glass fridge, please?”

5. “Can you please adopt me, Lisa Vanderpump? I want to live among your swans and Shetland ponies and dozens of dogs!”


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6. “My entire apartment could fit inside Lisa Vanderpump’s bathroom. In her fucking bathroom.”

7. “Giggy has only been on screen for three seconds. We need more Giggy!”

8. “No, Erika. ‘Pat the puss‘ is NEVER an acceptable dance move!”

9. “Oh, no, Lisa Rinna. You are far too self-aware and self-deprecating to last on this show. I love you, but you won’t last.”

10. “Do you really think gossiping about whether or not Yolanda has Lyme disease while you’re being filmed for a show that Yolanda also stars in is really a good idea? Is it really?”

11. “I wish someone would love me the way Lisa V. loves Hanky the swan.”

12. “Kyle’s hair is too beautiful. How can it be that beautiful? What sorcery is this?!”


(GIF: Tumblr)

13. “C’mon, Eileen, now’s the time to hit her with the ‘BEAST?!‘”

14. “EVERY SINGLE IOTA of ‘drama’ on this show could be solved if you all just COMMUNICATED like NORMAL ADULTS!”

15. “I’m gettin’ a real bad feeling about that ‘health advocate‘ of yours, Yolanda! A real bad feeling!”

16. “Good Lord, Lisa Rinna! Stop! Stop talking! You’re stirring up shit where it does not need to be stirred!”

17. “Oh, girl, you’d better watch yourself! She’s going to toss her glass of wine in your face!”

18. “Oh, Lisa V, you are one classy dame. You’re a classy, sassy dame.”

19. “Could we get another shot of Mauricio, please?”

20. “Show us the damn fridge, Yolanda!”