Oh yeah, you thought you were above going to jail. Ah well — no dice. Today, Lilo was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation and for her multiple DUIs. Upon hearing her sentence, she cried and begged for mercy, but the judge showed her none. Lilo told the judge that she had tried her best and done everything she could, and that she had no idea she was violating her probation, and that the “only special treatment” she got or wanted was that the court system tried to work with her “different” schedule.

And honestly, it’s a little painful to watch, and LiLo seems pretty sad and scared. Wouldn’t anyone be? But a) LiLo is a really good actress, and b) although she can spin it however she wants, she pretty clearly flouted the terms of her probation and publicly said that she thought she wouldn’t do jail time. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had 2 DUIs under my belt and had to show my face in court, I’d be terrified, and I would probably not assume that I was going free. Also, her plea (which you can watch on TMZ if you have a few free minutes) reminds me a lot of pleas that I’ve made in my life when I knew I fucked up and was really, really, really hoping to…get special treatment.

So, maybe this is just the kick in the ass she needs! Besides, who among us doesn’t want to see this train wreck end here? Look — we’ve already been through this once, and I feel strongly that watching someone completely deteriorate publicly is no fun. So let’s be real — the SCRAM Bracelet hasn’t worked, probation didn’t work, rehab didn’t work. All I want is to go back to the days of Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Remember those days? The red hair…the fresh face…the carefree ankle. Do what you have to do, LiLo.