moore oklahoma counter protests the westboro baptist church

While it bothers me that every angry article about the Westboro Baptist Church gives them more attention and more incentive to continue picketing funerals, it looks like majorly positive things are starting to happen in response to their internet infamy. Like this uplifting new video, for example.

Yesterday, several members of the hate group set up shop outside Central Junior High School in Moore, Oklahoma to spread the message that god sent last year’s devastating tornado because of… homosexuality. I don’t know. They brought their iconic “GOD HATES FAGS” signs, they brought their megaphones, and they brought their hateful interpretations of the Bible.

Fortunately, though, the majority of human beings are inherently not evil, as evidenced by this display from counter protestors, whose loud support for the tornado victims caused the WBC to run away from the site after less than ten minutes.

Local news outlet KOCO reports that no one was arrested and that the crowd remained “relatively respectful” throughout the entire event. They quote one teenage Moore resident as saying, “These people, Westboro, they think they’re better. But they fall short of the glory just like we all do.” Another Moore citizen adds, “Moore strong, that’s what we are. We are a family, we gotta stick together, and this proves it.”

It really gives me hope to see people who are very justifiably angry about an incredibly messed-up protest happening in their hometown… who choose to respond in a nonviolent, potentially constructive way. It’s really easy to get furious in this kind of situation (I’m pretty furious just watching it on my computer, far removed and far away), so it’s especially inspiring to know that they were able to use their solidarity and support for each other to respond to hate with love. Nothing but respect for you, Moore.

Via Huffington Post / Photo: YouTube