Have you ever walked by those grotesque posters held up by anti-abortion activists and wondered if that is what an actual abortion looks like? The posters often look something like this:

Those are not accurate. Here’s what an actual abortion looks like:

Or at least, what a safe abortion at six weeks looks like. The author of This Is My Abortion chose to document her abortion with a hidden camera-phone after walking through a group of protesters holding up images of bloodied babies supposed to represent abortions on her way into the clinic. She tells The Guardian: 

My hope is this project will help dispel the fear, lies and hysteria around abortion, and empower women to make educated decisions for their bodies. I believe we are the majority, and we hold the power to demand the right to make educated choices for our bodies and our families. I hope thisismyabortion.com will be used as a tool to bring a fair, honest, balanced view of safe abortion. We, together, can take a stand for the truth, women’s rights and reproductive justice.

It goes without saying that we take abortions very seriously at TheGloss – but we also take being informed very seriously. We hope, as the author of the website surely does, that these images will help demystify the procedure for you so you can be better informed about choices available to you if you do have an unwanted pregnancy. To further the discussion, visit the website here.

Picture via This Is My Abortion