Reports are flooding the tabloids that Danielle Staub may not be returning to RHNJ next season. But what could this possibly mean for our favorite Bravo series?

Because as we’ve covered time and again here, the housewives continue to prove that without Danielle, they’re just a bunch of spoiled, bankrupt, boring women with nothing going on in their lives except spending money they don’t have and lamenting the flight of their children from the proverbial coop.

Not that Danielle is particularly entertaining to me — I find her so certifiably insane that it’s actually a bit painful to laugh at her missteps. But without Danielle, what are we left with?

Teresa: There is nothing I would hate more than a show that centers around that crazy bitch, if only because people like her should not be rewarded for their behavior. Ever. It’s a slight against all that is good and right with the world to have Teresa plotlines on television.

Jacqueline: I like Jacqueline. Sure, her daughter’s fucked up and she’s a bit vapid, but overall she’s more level-headed than the rest of the wives. Therefore, she’s kind of boring to watch.

Caroline: Let’s be real — Mrs. Albie has checked out of this game. She’s either really comfortable with her cemented status as mother hen, or she doesn’t give a fuck about being invited back to the show, because she has not done or said a single interesting thing all season.

Kim G: And herein lies the hope for the show. I personally dislike Kim G, because…well, what’s to like? But her admittedly two-faced ways are entertaining enough, and they stir up the drama pot, and she clearly really wants to be on the show and will do anything to get the season contract. So, here’s hoping she can replace the incomparable Ms. Staub. But please — there’s no need to release a sex tape.