The picture is a print by artist Lauren DiCiccio, and its title is “Vogue May 2010: pg 70 (List of Contributors).” Here’s what DiCiccio has to say about her work:

Fashion magazines are the source materials for my series color codification dot drawings. I make each piece on a sheet of frosted mylar laid over a magazine page. After assigning a color to every letter in the alphabet (numbers are in grayscale, 0=white and 9=black), I apply tiny dots of paint over every character on the page. Each drawing I make has a different color codification, and therefore a different palette. The resulting painting is a legible blur of dots in the form of the article’s layout — like a system of Braille for the color inclined. These two paintings utilize the “List of Contributors” page from Vogue; I love the way the centered type in this page’s layout creates a pattern resembling a Rorschach inkblot.

The print is available for purchase at 20×