Look, I’m not hating on Glee. In fact, I really liked Matthew Morrison’s character Mr. Schuester before he got all weird and made out with the coach from Vocal Adrenaline and tried to make Emma feel like it was her fault because she has OCD or whatever. But I have absolutely no idea what he is doing posing next to the exquisite Raquel Zimmerman in this month’s Vogue. I mean, honestly, look at that image on the left – it screams “let’s pay homage to the ‘Jenny from the Block’ video.” And who the hell wants to pay homage to that, unless it’s to make fun of it?

Morrison is not known for his personal style offscreen, unless “Justin Timberlake wannabe” is a kind of style now. In the past, Vogue has done photoshoots with people who weren’t fashionistas – I remember a great one with Ben Stiller posing in a giant bubble over the Seine, but the whole point of that one was that it was timed for when Zoolander came out and the concept of the shoot was that Stiller was a fashion outsider. It worked. Matthew Morrison standing around in swimsuits looking all weird and semi-leering at Raquel Zimmerman (who, by the way, once again serves as a reminder that professional models are professional models for a reason)? Not so much.

Morrison is on a massively popular TV show right now, that is true. However, it’s about a high school glee club in small-town Ohio, not a show about models, the fashion industry, or anything cool. The whole point of the show is that the kids in the glee club (except Puck, obviously. Hi Puck! Call me! I’m Jewish!) aren’t cool, and that they’re mostly OK with that. That is wonderful and inspiring and everything, but that does not mean Matthew Morrison should be in Vogue, even if he has nice abs. Couldn’t they have found some hot male model who needed work? What’s Gabriel Aubry doing for money these days? Just do an interview or profile of Morrison and have a cute photo or two accompany it like you do with plenty of other celebrities.

UPDATE: Also, my soulmate Kate Moss not only watches Glee, but thinks Puck is hot. You and me both, lady. You and me both. This is further evidence we are destined to be friends.