What is a SWUG? A SWUG is a woman who failed to meet, date and marry a Princeton man by the time she was 21. It stands for Senior Washed Up Girl. There seem to be a lot of them at Yale.

According to Chloe Drimal, who coined the term in The Yale Daily News

She’s the girl who promised she would never hook up with someone younger than her but now finds herself texting sophomore boys who unavoidably turn her down. She thinks this is funny. She thinks about getting a vibrator; she may already have a vibrator. It may be better than that sophomore boy.

The Cut explains:

SWUGs are women who don’t bother dressing up for class, or even for fancy parties (though they might still attend them), don’t seek out meaningful (or even just sexual) relationships, spend weekends at their shared homes drinking in the company of other self-identified SWUGs, and feel utter apathy about their personal lives — all at the age of 21.

So, they’re women who have a hard time dating as seniors, and are pretty much ready to graduate and go into the world. So… it’s everyone their senior year of college. You remember how it was. Your freshman year everyone seems new and exciting, and there are lots of flirty “What’s your major conversations” (if you went to my college, substitute those with, “Who is your favorite philosopher?” conversations.)  By the time you’re a senior you’ve had a class with pretty much everyone, and you’ve heard them say something stupid in class, or your roommate has dated them. They gave your roommate crabs.

Of course you’re not putting on a fancy clean tank-top when you go out to parties anymore. Of course you’re just going to sit around complaining about things with your female friends. That is what senior year of college is for.

But now I guess there is an acronym for that.

That does not make it a new concept.

That is not a new thing. That is not a remotely new thing. Honestly, I think this is just Yale’s desperate attempt to be as insufferable as Princeton, and it’s not even working, because no one can be as insufferable as Princetonians right now. Stop trying, Yalies.

Next week Harvard is going to announce that their entire campus is celibate, and I’m a little excited for that.

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